The STM32-DVM-MTR2K: DMR for MTR2000s

The STM32-DVM-MTR2K: DMR for MTR2000s

I’m one of probably a number of hams who have taken interest in the $475 UHF MTR2000s on eBay. They’re rated for 100% duty cycle at 40 Watts out, and, unlike the 100W models, cover the full 403-470 MHz band.

Unlike its much more expensive MTR3000, the MTR2000 is analog-only. As I pondered whether I could integrate an MMDVM setup with mine, I realized I was way behind the curve. A group of hams, including WA0EDA, N0MJS, and N3XCC pulled out all the stops, creating the STM32-DVM-MTR2K. It slides into the card slots on the MTR2000, and all the tuning can be done through the MTR2000 CPS.

At this time, it looks like they are (like most everything MMDVM-based) digital-only, though there are workarounds. A future version of the board is being discussed that could allow mixed-mode operation.

As discussed on the NEDECN mailing list, these won’t tie directly into the club’s c-Bridges, only with IPSC2. However, due to the steep costs of additional repeater entitlements for c-Bridges, interfacing a new repeater via IPSC2 may be preferred anyway.

I haven’t bought the card yet, nor put my repeater on the air, but both are mighty tempting!

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